Full Body Scan


FullBody Scan is a non-invasive scan of the acupuncture meridians.  The findings of this 2 hour test show cause effect and solutions to sub-health conditions.  This is an accurate test revealing issues located as far out as the furthest reaches of your aura (energy pathogens) and to the deepest levels of tissue (actual pathogens).  It has the capacity to locate medical issues decades before any, currently in use, medical diagnosing tests because it reads what is in your electrical field and what is anywhere inside your body through bio-quantum physics

Bio-energy measurement devices combine the fundamentals of Chinese acupuncture with modern electronics for animal body analysis.  Identification of sub-health conditions uses the interrelationship of Acupuncture Theory (balance), Bio-quantum Physics (energy detection), and Alternative Healing applications clears the mind, restores movement, and provides spirit connecting.  Measurement of the electrical conductivity of Acupuncture points gives a measured numeric value.  Research claims that, at an electrical level, early disturbed organ functions can be discovered long before clinical symptoms appear.


– non-invasive, that is the skin is not pierced

– measurements are obtained by holding the measurement device on acupuncture points located primarily on the hands and feet


– the bio-energy measurement device used is an FDA approved testing device and classified as a non-significant risk (none) experimental testing device.  It measures the skins’ conductance with a very small electric current exposed to certain acupuncture points.


– because of the nature of this device as explained above, the risk has been determined to be non-significant (none). It is possible that you might feel some discomfort as the pressure required for accurate bio-energy measurement varies.


– access to non-invasive evaluation procedures that could be helpful to you in early detection of any irregularities in your energy levels. Understanding the cause of enervation now, may save you years of suffering later in life and provide the potential for prevention and healing by the natural way.

Note: We work with your medical team to insure you get the full benefits of your health care protocols and your wellness protocols.

disclaimer:  We are NOT medical doctors. We do NOT practice medicine, cure, assess, advise, recommend, diagnose, treat disease, prescribe or adjust medication. We DO wellness techniques that provide results.