More of my story

The history of the Bzrani-Jordan family story begins in the Middle East. Their village was known as a place for healing through spiritual awakening, foods, natural remedies, and counseling. During WW1, Mr. and Mrs. Tabaq along with their children, left that village as did the Bzrani family. They traveled from country to country attempting to escape the horrors of war. Finally, in 1914 they arrived at Ellis Island, New York City, USA.  There was a wedding Amelia Tabaq married Ferris Bzrani.

The meaning of the name Tabaq is ‘healing herb’ and the name Bzrani means ‘reliance and uniqueness’.  And so today, the Healing Heritage continues incorporating ancient wisdom with science and technology.

Dr. Bzrani-Jordan (aka Dr. B.) has developed Biologic Restorative products and methods to increase the healing rate while minimizing any healing discomfort.  People from all over the world seek her wisdom and remedies.  She has created a method of healing where elimination of the cause of illnesses is possible.


This year was a fruitful one. People who were gifted samples of Bzrani Biologic Fragrances soon began requesting the ability to purchase the fragrances and so a new business model was developed. was created for the development of Dr. B.’s products, services and intentional living village. This is an on-going project that we expect to pass onto future generations.


This was the year she purchased a small retreat center in the woods of North Carolina consisting of 6.5 acres where she grows vegetables, fruits and herbs. So, with her family heritage, formal education, and her healing practice she formulated sustainable healing through the development of Biologic Restorative healing foods, fragrances, and methods for elevating consciousness.


Dr. B. left NYC to commune with nature and to expand her studies. This resulted in the ability to alleviate illness.


Dr. Bzrani-Jordan added formal education as requested by the then President of the Rep of Guinea West Africa to her family healing heritage knowledge. She earned her Ph.D. in Naturology – which is the study and process of spiritual awakening through elevating consciousness.  To begin sharing this healing knowledge with the world, she created a successful halfway house.